Rough Stuff

Let me start out by making a few things clear. I am not starting this blog to seek advice. I have heard more advice and “you should’s” to last a lifetime. This blog is a place for me to speak my thoughts, perhaps to share some commonality with other young mothers who are going through the same things, and to just provide a healthy outlet for myself. Secondly, and most importantly, I love my son more than anything. There is no way to describe with words the way I cherish his life, his well being, and his happiness. He is the best thing that my husband and I have ever done, and I would do anything for him.

Being a mom is hard. It is the hardest thing ever. Being a mom of a baby with colic is almost unbearable. You go through bouts of screaming for hours and hours on end with no consolation. The only thing that keeps you sane is that 10 minutes of time when your baby is happy and content. You get a glimpse of that sweet, loving personality that is hiding behind the tears that seem insurmountable some days. Those 10 minutes are what keep me going. Those 10 minutes are priceless. That and knowing what time my husband will be home to relieve me for 5 minutes. Single parents out there, MAJOR props to you.

I have tried everything to relieve Judah’s colic; I mean everything.  My husband and I have even recently purchased those amber beads that you put on your baby’s ankle. Typically they are used for teething, but they are also supposed to work to help reduce colic. They have seemed to help with his gas pains a bit, so I would recommend them. We got ours here.  Judah is 3 months old now, and from everything I’ve read, most babies with colic begin to start coming into their own between 3 and 4 months. I am sure hoping we are coming into the home stretch with this, although I’m convinced we have a boy who defies all the odds, just to be stubborn. You will hear more about that when I write his birth story.

Not only does Judah have colic, but he has a dairy allergy. Being a breastfed baby, that means no dairy for mama. No more ice cream, lattes, milk and cookies, all that good stuff. Okay, that kind of stinks, but if it’s going to be best for my boy, I’m okay with cutting that stuff out, no matter how much I want a chocolate milk shake at the end of a rough day. Along with the dairy allergy, he also has reflux. I feed him as upright as I can, avoid laying him down shortly after meals, and burp him frequently. With the reflux comes the side affect of ear infections. Because of this, my poor boy has already been through 2 rounds of antibiotics and has been pumped with Tylenol. It makes me cringe to think of the amounts of medication that have already entered my little boy’s tiny body. Me, the mom who is taking the slow route of vaccines, who was so against anything foreign in such a small, still growing system, is forcing Tylenol and antibiotics down her baby’s throat with a syringe. I hate it.

Sure, when I was pregnant I heard that motherhood was tough, but I never in my wildest dreams expected this. Again, let me emphasize, I adore my baby boy to pieces and would go through all of this again just for him. That doesn’t mean it isn’t unbearably hard at times and that some days just really suck.  Yes, people tell you to be sure that you want to have kids because your life changes forever, but they don’t go into much detail past the obvious things like they are expensive and going out isn’t always as easy, and you lose some sleep. Okay, no biggie. I’ve accepted that some days I have to choose between shaving my legs and brushing my teeth. I go to the grocery store with ragged hair and bags under my eyes, and have yet to return to my pre-pregnancy body. Who cares? I’m a mom. And with that title comes the confidence I didn’t have before to go out in public looking less than my best. My lack of abs is proof that my body was a well lived in home for 9 months. My dark under eye circles show that I am there for my child 24/7, without hesitation. And, I know my husband loves me for me- unshaven legs, bad breath and all.

Parenting is hard, whether you have a screamer, a constant sleeper, a pleasant non-crier, or anything in between. It’s hard on all fronts. It’s tiring, self-sacrificing, stressful, scary, intimidating, messy stuff.  Talk about an emotional roller coaster. Some days I feel like I’m walking on eggshells, and would literally do anything to keep my baby from crying. Despite all the difficulty, it’s absolutely amazing. It’s rewarding, stretching, and growing. It is beautiful.

This is the purpose of this blog. To be real. To tell you why raising a child is hard, not just from the obvious sleep deprivation and stinted social life, the real stuff. The stuff no one tells you about. This is my journey and I want to share it with you. The ups and the downs. Hopefully some of you will be able to relate and will find strength knowing that another mother out there is sharing some bad days too, in spite of all the good ones.

So concludes my first post in the blogging world. And with that I leave you a picture of my beautiful babe taken by my most talented friend. Check out her website here.


10 thoughts on “Rough Stuff

  1. You are a great mom, Bethany, and Kyle is a caring dad. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I look forward to reading many more posts from you.

  2. We tried for a year to get pregnant and I prayed my heart out for a baby. So when times get tough it is hard to express ” concerns or frustrations” because I do not want to sound like I am complaining. But moms need to express themselves without being seen as ungrateful or bratty. I always love hearing others’ stories so I know I am not alone.

    • I hear you. I was so hesitant and nervous to write this for those very reasons of seeming whiny or ungrateful for this beautiful blessing. I decided to go for it because as you said, it’s encouraging and strengthening to know that others go through the not so fun parts of mommy hood. I hope that through this I can be relatable to others and encouraging all at once.

  3. We, too, have had a very rough week at our house. Exhaustion has set in and I nearly had a meltdown at work… this was a good read after a long week and looking forward to the weekend with my kiddos. We miss you, Aunt Bethany! Give Judah a kiss for us!

    • I have heard about your week and it sounds very, very stressful! I hope things start to get better and everyone begins to feel healthy and happy again! We miss you guys too. Give my love to Kenna and Cainan!

  4. It definitely feels like there is a lot of pressure to not complain or share hardships as a mom. You have to carry around the idea and give the impression that everything is perfect which of course we know it isn’t. I admire your strength and stamina and I truly believe we are given what we can handle and it’s just a testament to how strong a person you are (and kyle too) that you’ve been blessed with the responsibility of being parents to Judah. He’ll definitely get over these things but in the meantime it’s a good thing you’re the one taking care of him. Love your blog!

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