Just the Three of Us

Today I have some happy and exciting news to report. We are moving! Yes, the time has come for Judah, Kyle, and I to be on our own again, to be our little family of three, and bonus- just in time for Christmas.

Again, I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am to my mother and father in law for so generously opening up their home to us for the last four months as we transition into the next phase of life. I’m sure having a screaming infant and their 25 and 27 year old kids back in the house wasn’t exactly on their list of top 10 things to do this year. But we have all made it work and it has been such a blessing, and I know my parents in New York would have done the same. We have a pretty wonderful family.

Kyle and I have been married for a little over three years and this will be our fourth move. Crazy, I know. We are tired of packing and unpacking, only to pack up and move again. This move however, is the most important to me. Since Judah was born, the number of days that our family has been just the three of us has been less than a week. With such an intense life change as adding a baby, we needed, and had, family around for quite some time. It has been great, and I have cherished the help, the love, and the overwhelming support that we have received. But despite all this, I am ready for us to be a family of three for a little while.


(Photo Courtesy of Kaylan Buteyn Photography)

Also, moving means….Judah gets his nursery!


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