Judah’s Nursery

A while ago, I wrote a post about my wishes to create the perfect nursery for my baby boy and the disappointment that came with not being able to. Well, he has his nursery now and I thought I would share it with you. I was not able to paint due to renting and certain restrictions that come with it, and it’s not exactly what I had pictured in my head, but he has a space that is all his own, and I am so grateful for it.

He finally has a crib! He’s out of the pack-n-play, thank goodness, and now has plenty of space to stretch out.




DSC_8418DSC_8419We bought an old repurposed dining room buffet and decided it would be the perfect changing table. And as an added bonus, instead of having a changing table and not knowing what to do with it when we are done having kiddos, we’ll have a useful piece of furniture to display elsewhere in our home.


The chair in Judah’s room was something I wasn’t sure I wanted to put in. I knew having a rocker of some sort would be beneficial, but I didn’t really want this particular one. However, now that it’s there, I love it. It was mine when I was younger and I spent many days in my room sitting in that chair, reading, writing, just hanging out. It’s nice to have something from my childhood as a part of Judah’s nursery. (excuse all the dog hair….our other baby is shedding profusely at the moment)


The beginnings of what we hope to be a well loved library 🙂

DSC_8427These are some prints that I received for Christmas for Judah’s nursery. I am on the hunt for frames to repurpose before hanging them, but I cannot wait to get them on the wall, I love them!




DSC_8433So there you have it, Judah’s own nursery!

(You can find the products Judah has along with other great purchases by clicking on these links: changing table, mobile, prints, bedding)


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