I’m a Writer, For Real.

Currently, my brain is scattered and I’m taking the title of my blog literally for this post. Bare with me.

Some of you who are my Facebook friends noticed a little change in my profile last week. I added a new job. Yep, I am no longer “just” the stay-at-home mama anymore. I’m the stay-at-home mama who works. I got a job as a content writer at this awesome marketing company. I applied there as a fluke, not ever expecting to actually get the job, but as luck would have it, I did. And so far, it rocks. How lucky am I to be able to help bring in an income for my family without missing a beat in my little guy’s day? It’s pretty amazing if you ask me.

I do not consider raising my son to be a job. It’s not, it’s life. This blog post, written by an amazing stay-at-home mama, was what first got me thinking about this. (Thank you for that, Kat). This is an important part of life for me, and I don’t want to miss a thing. My husband and I have made some great sacrifices so that I can avoid having to work the typical 9-5. We know that many of our friends and family think we’ve been nuts living off of one salary, and a social worker’s salary at that. For those of you who are unfamiliar, a social worker’s salary is also known as working for free. Not really, but kind of. But, to our neigh sayers, I did not need this job for the monetary value. Sure, it adds a little relief to our bank account, but we are and have been quite content living simply. The trade off of being able to stay home is totally worth it. But I did need this job for me.

I have been struggling for the last couple of months with what it looks like for me to be a stay-at-home mom. I have come to find out that I’m just not the mom who has a tidy house all the time, bakes things from scratch, (or bakes at all for that matter), and I’m definitely not crafty. I’m three months behind on Judah’s project life book, I am always forgetting to switch out the laundry, and my house looks like this… a lot… (lets keep it real people). So, adding a job to that, well, lets just say the last two weeks have been an adjustment period.

When I hang out with other people, I want to offer more to the conversation than a play-by-play of my son’s day. Of course that’s the most important thing to me, so you’ll probably get one anyway, but I’ve been yearning for something more for me.

Since staying home, I’ve learned that there are SO many mom’s out there who fit this bill: mom, photographer, blogger. Well, I too claim to be these things, so no shame, no shame. But I want to be something more. I’m not a successful blogger, I’m pretty sure the only ones who consistently read this are my parents, mother-in-law, and a few close friends. As you know, I recently launched my photography business, but it’s something that I know is going to take years to build, and I want to keep it as more of a hobby than my full source of income. Plus, I’m no where near the talent of this awesome photog mom, or this one.

That’s where my new job comes in. This blog has allowed me to have a creative outlet, but most importantly, it has made me realize how much I enjoy writing. Writing comes easily to me. It’s relaxing and I actually take pride in what I write.  At the risk of tooting my own horn, I know I’m pretty good at it too. Those close to me know that I don’t take pride in many things that I do (yay for insecurity!), but writing is not one of those. And this blog has made me realize that I can do something with my talent, other than ramble on wordpress. So thank you to those  of you who do read it and have encouraged me to continue posting. 

I feel lucky and blessed to be able to work where I do. Last week I wrote my content articles in my sweats while also being able to play with my son. Awesome!

I’m feeling nostalgic these days as my son’s first birthday is fast approaching (how did that happen?!?), and am extremely thankful for the journey that this past year has been for me and my family.

So, cheers to a new job, for being a stay-at-home mom, for being a blogger, and a photographer. And happy weekend to you!


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