Massachusetts Take Two!

We went to Massachusetts this past weekend to meet our newest family member, my niece, Lily. What a beauty she is.

DSC_9768-2It was one of those weekends that is a bit of an out of body experience. We were surrounded by the beautiful New England scenery and breathing in that salty ocean air. That smell is like a drug; it’s instant relaxation for me.



My sister and brother-in-law are amazing parents. They didn’t have the easiest ride into parenthood by any means, but I strongly believe the harder the journey, the greater the testament to a person’s character. They’re good ones, those two.

Seriously, this wasn't posed, just pure baby lovin'

Seriously, this wasn’t posed, just pure baby lovin’

My sister is a beautiful mama. She was born to be one, one of those women that is strong, independent, and so compassionate and loving in the best ways a mother should be. She was destined for this role, and it was nothing short of remarkable to finally see it being fulfilled. My brother-in-law is the business when it comes to being a new dad. He is patient, and just dripping with love for his little Lily bug. He’s got that tender, new daddy touch, and such a deep love and pride for his two girls. Watching my sister and brother-in-law this weekend, watching them as parents, just made my heart melt.



Judah was amazing on our flights. He had everyone on our plane laughing and tossing aside their business-like demeanor for quick games of peek-a-boo and paddy-cake. It’s awesome to watch the affect this little boy already has on people. He’s going to do great things, this one.

watching the planes

watching the planes

I’ll leave the rest of the post for pictures. Lots of pictures. I think it’s the best way to sum up the beautiful, relaxing (minus Chicago traffic on the way home. Who booked the flight that got in at 4:30 during rush hour…woops!), family weekend we had. If this weekend was any foreshadowing into our summer, I think it’s safe to say, this will be our best one yet.

She's just yummy

She’s just yummy





First time touching the sand!

First time touching the sand!






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