Four Years!!

It’s been four years with this gem and I can’t believe it’s already been that long.

photo courtesy of Ashley Ray Photography

photo courtesy of Ashley Ray Photography

I feel like we’ve known each other forever, but I still feel like newlyweds, and I think I always will. See, I’ve got a good one. He tells the corniest jokes, does crazy dance moves around our apartment, cooks a mean omelet, and loves me unconditionally.

Kyle and I formally met, dated, were engaged, and married within a year. Some might say that’s a bit crazy, but I say, when you know, you know. And we knew.

photo courtesy of Ashley Ray Photography

photo courtesy of Ashley Ray Photography

Because of our quicker pace, our first year of marriage was the typical adjustment and then some. Yes, it’s hard to get used to living with someone and being around them all the time, even when you are head over heals in love with them. It’s difficult to pick out dishes, throw pillows (ask my husband about that one), and decide on our bathroom schedule and who does what around the house. But Kyle and I also had to learn how to disagree, how to fight with each other, and how to communicate through that. Luckily for us, it only took a few months until we finally got it together…for the most part.

We continue to grow and learn with each other, constantly figuring out what makes the other tick. And that’s what marriage is, it’s continual, it’s not giving up, it’s pushing through and sticking it out, even if you don’t end up sleeping in the same bed when you’re fighting. (I know some people say, “never go to bed mad,” but come on, sometimes you just gotta sleep.)

This past year has been our most defining yet. We’ve had some of our highest highs and lowest lows. Highest being the birth of our son. I have always thought Kyle was the best lookin’ guy around, but then to see him as a father — SMOKIN’! (or should I say…steamin’ hot?…inside joke.)


This year we have both changed jobs, moved twice, become parents, lived with parents, soothed a colicky baby, went through a miscarriage (more on that later), and determined we are going to move, yet again. Phew.

To say there weren’t some testy moments this year would be a complete and total sham. There were some. There were some nights sleeping in separate rooms. There were also some great discussions, deeper understanding of one another, encouragement, laughs, and a sense of family. I would venture to say, this has been the hardest, but best year of our marriage.

Kyle is an outstanding husband. He defends me, nurtures me, respects me, trusts me, and loves me more than I deserve.

Four years ago, I made a choice and promised Kyle that I would love him through the best and worst years, through thick and thin. It was the best promise I have ever made. Cheers our beautiful family, the last four years, and the next 65 to come. Happy Anniversary, Kyle.

photo courtesy of Ashley Ray Photography

photo courtesy of Ashley Ray Photography


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