Anniversary post…and another move.

I got an email last week letting me know it’s been one year since my first blog post. Holy moly. One year already? As I sat and reflected on where I was at the time of that post, to where I am now, it’s been a crazy, wonderful, beautiful, trying, exciting, stressful, and fantastic ride.

I love being the mother to the most amazing little boy I’ve ever known. He gave Kyle and I a run for our money straight out of the gate, but to look at who he is today, how he has shaped us as parents–I’m so grateful for those initial struggles. Judah is the best thing to ever happen to Kyle and I, and you’d never know he was such a challenge if you knew him today. He’s sweet, mischievous, adventurous, friendly, and so loving. He has my heart.

Our little family has been through a lot since that first blog post. And, we’re about to go through yet another transition. This one is our craziest yet, but goodness, it’s going to be amazing.

Since we’ve known each other, Kyle and I have dreamed of a life out west. Well, more Kyle at first, until I took my first trip to Colorado. Once there, I was sold on the dream too. However, we decided to stay in Indiana after getting married instead of making the move right after saying our “I do’s.” But, the mountains, the hiking, the adventures, they’ve been tugging at us every year we’ve been here.

We don’t regret making the decision to stay. Because we stayed in Indiana, we were able to figure one another out in our early married life in a familiar area with friends and family close by. Kyle was able to get his master’s degree, and I was able to have the privilege of working with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, in a job I’d never have imagined myself doing. I was also able to support my husband as he got his master’s, and I’m sure proud of that. In turn, with my husband’s support, I was able to be a stay-at-home mom for most of the first year of Judah’s life. In fact, I still am. But now, I get to write and be apart of a wonderful company full of individuals who genuinely care for each other and their customers. If we had moved away early on, these things wouldn’t have happened.

But, it’s time for us to go now. Those of you who know Kyle and I, know that we’ve moved…..a lot…over the last four years. It’s not because we enjoy packing and unpacking our things, trust me. We’ve kept moving because deep down, we’ve known this place isn’t for us anymore. Sure, we’d try out a different place, a different town, in hopes of finding our happiness, our niche, our place to spread our roots. But we’ve never found it. Not here anyway.

It’s a difficult conclusion to come to, and we haven’t done it lightly. We are leaving our families and going farther from them than we ever have before. We have received support from some, and not so much from others, and when you’re making a big life changing decision like this, it’s hard without that support. But we know this is right. We know it deep down, to our bones.

Next month, Kyle, Judah, and I are packing up for hopefully the second to last time for quite a while (last time being if we ever buy a house), and moving to Oregon. We will be an hour from the ocean (my soul’s sanctuary) and 30 minutes from the mountains (Kyle’s sanctuary).

photo 13


Since moving to our current location, Judah has made one friend here (yay Remmington!!), and not for lack of trying for more. But everywhere we go, we are alone. And let me tell you, this little boy has so much to offer and he deserves tons of friends.



Typical, not one other kid at the playground. This is the third one we’ve tried in our town.

Same goes for my husband. He loves adventure and the great outdoors and he wants to share that with his son. He wants to teach Judah how to map out hikes, he wants to jump with him in clear pools of water way up in the mountains. He wants to explore, and go camping with his son. He wants to show Judah that there’s more out there than flat land and corn (not that there’s anything wrong with that). And he deserves to do that. He deserves to be the father he has always wanted to be to his son. He deserves to have those experiences.


I want to splash with my little boy in the ocean waves. I want to build sand castles and watch the boats come in. I want to wade with him in the tide pools and look for “sea creatures” up on the shore. I deserve that. I deserve to explore and adventure with my son. I deserve to be the mom I’ve always wanted to be for my son. I deserve to have those experiences.

photo 8

photo 12

Judah loves to explore. He loves to be outside. He loves to splash in the water. He loves to see and discover new things. He loves to be around other kids when he can. He deserves to play and discover. He deserves to make friends. He deserves to have those experiences.

Crazy, yes. Unexpected, maybe. But, if you really know us, it’s not. Challenging and scary, of course. But we’re doing it. We’re taking the risk. The time has come, and we’re making the move.

I recently saw this quote posted by Sevenly and I think it fits perfectly for our current situation:

“Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you.”

So, if you’re ever on the west coast, or ever want to go, you’ve always got a free place to stay, adventures to be had, and if I really like you, I’ll even throw in a couple meals. 🙂

On to the next adventure we go!

photo 9


5 thoughts on “Anniversary post…and another move.

  1. Congratulations to you and Kyle! How exciting for your family! I’m so happy that you guys are able to move to where you know that you belong and will be able to settle down and indulge in all of your potential experiences 🙂 Now it’s my turn to send you packing powers, and I will definitely be praying for you guys!

  2. So excited for the two of you. I know this has been a dream for the two of you. We will be sad that you are moving so far, but thrilled for you. Has Kyle found a job out there yet? Keep us posted on when you are moving and how things are going. Love you guys. 🙂


    • Thank you so much! We are sad to be so far as well and will miss everyone a lot, but we are excited to pursue our dream. Kyle hasn’t found anything yet, but hopefully being out there he will pick something up quickly. We will definitely keep you guys posted. Love you too!

  3. This is such a wonderful thing you are doing for Judah and your family!!! I miss living out west. Especially the mountains and the camping. One day I hope to move to Maine as I have never lived on the east coast and have felt that deep down in my bones that that is where I belong. God speed to all of you. Samantha Stanek (Family Video)

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