Tantrums and Living Room Forts

So far, this has been my favorite season as a mother. I so enjoy watching my little guy gain more and more independence each day. It’s fun to be able to walk somewhere together side by side. It’s amazing to me to see this little personality unfolding before my eyes. Judah has quite the sense of humor, and he’s super mischievous, but in that adventuresome way. Also, he farts frequently in the bathtub and looks up at me and giggles every time. And, I always laugh right back. Not the best of manners, but I kind of think I’ll always laugh when he farts, lets face it, farts are always funny. Sometimes gross, but mostly just funny.

But what would the best season be without a few trials? Isn’t that usually what helps to define them? Well, trials we have had…The tantrums have started. Yay for tantrums!! It’s fun huh? I especially enjoy walking on eggshells because I just never know what will set him off. Does he want the blue crayon or the red one? What if I give him the wrong one? Meltdown!!

My parents always laugh about a story, I think it was my sister (never me, right?) because a french fry broke and there was complete and utter world-shattering distress that followed. Whenever I heard them reference the “You broke my french fry” story, I laughed, but didn’t fully get it. Now, I get it. It’s so funny because you’re to the point where you’re so stressed about your child freaking out one minute, and laughing the next that you can barely keep up, so you just have to laugh when a french fry causes so much tragedy.

Kyle and I are figuring out for the first time how we are going to discipline, teach, and model behavior for our son. It’s been hard to figure out, and honestly, I think that’s the main stress. Not Judah crying over the wrong crayon, but knowing that how we choose to parent is going to greatly affect how he reacts over getting the wrong crayon, and other things he doesn’t really want, for the rest of his life.

However, there have been some great moments. Despite the challenges, it’s still my favorite stage.

photo 1This week, Judah finally reached the right weight to turn his carseat forward, and now our car rides are full of “vroom, vroom” sounds as he points out all the trucks that go by. Also, I love being able to play peek-a-boo with him from the passenger seat.

photo 3He tried raisins for the first time, and goodness, did he love them! Isn’t it awesome to watch kids try new things? I mean, seriously, time and time again he is such a reminder to slow down, and appreciate what’s around us.

photo 10

He also turned an ordinary dinner into a classy affair when he insisted on wearing his fedora hat (which he only took interest in once it was way too small) throughout the entire meal. What a stud.

photo 4

photo 5

He also experienced his first professional haircut. I tried cutting it once before and it ended very tearfully. This time, he sat in that big chair all by himself and loved every second of it. How grown up is he??

photo 2

We visited old friends and explored new places. I swear he looked at every single item in that store and it blew me away how well he listened when I repeated, “just look, don’t touch.” I could have sworn I was going to walk out of that place with some broken trinket I was forced to pay for, but this boy, he never ceases to prove me wrong.

This week, we held hands and walked to the park. And it wasn’t that “mommy is holding your wrist while you walk/try to escape my grip” kind of thing. Nope. He wrapped his little fingers around mine and we actually, and willingly, held hands. It was one of those heart-exploding mommy moments.

photo 7

photo 8And, we built a fort, which was nothing short of magical.

photo 9So, tantrums, whatever. We’re still smiling.

photo 6


2 thoughts on “Tantrums and Living Room Forts

  1. Tantrums are tantrums whether kids are 2 years old or 15 years olds, parents are in control and set the standard, not the children. Like you blog, visit mine for articles on tantrums, CU, Carl, young at 63 🙂

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