Farewell, Indiana.

Well, the time has come. This Friday, Kyle, Judah, and I are moving to the west coast.

I grew up in Western New York, in a middle-of-nowhere college town, but I “grew up” in Indiana. I came here for college, and am so glad I did. I made some amazing life-long friends and met my husband. 

Fun and slightly embarrassing fact: I applied to the school I eventually attended because there was no essay accompanying the application. Meet high school Bethany–lazy much? 

My parents encouraged both my sister and I to go wherever we felt was best when it came time to choose a college. Of course I know they would have loved for us to attend the college in our town, but they were so supportive of our choices to leave. I know both of us are happy to have spread our wings and left our comfort zones. Because I chose to go away to school, I wasn’t known as “so-in-so’s daughter,” “so-in-so’s sister,” or “so-in-so’s friend.” It was just me. And I know Kyle and I will encourage Judah, and his future siblings to do the same.

I did some really great things, and some really stupid things in college. Let’s be honest, mostly stupid. But, in between all that immaturity, I figured out what my faith meant to me. I was challenged by people from different walks of life, and my eyes were opened to many new things. Because of that, I will always consider Indiana as the place that helped to define me.

It was also here that I held my first “real world” job. Additional fun and slightly embarrassing fact: I had no idea what I was interviewing for. Seriously. My then boss told me the position using the acronym for it, and I just smiled and nodded like I knew exactly what she was saying. It had to have been God that intervened on that one, because the answers I gave, well…they came straight outta my behind. But I firmly believe that job opened my eyes to a world I was totally intimidated by. It opened my heart, and prepared me for my future. So, thanks for that, Indiana.

We had our son here. He’s a midwestern baby. He may grow up and go to school in Oregon, but he was born in good ol’ Fort Wayne. Indiana will forever have a piece of my heart because of that.

Of course we’ll be back for visits. Our family is here, and that is such a huge priority. Some may question why we would leave if that is the case, especially to go to such a far distance, but we’re just spreading our wings a bit. That doesn’t mean family is not just as important as it always was, just means we have to be a bit more creative in our efforts. And in my eyes, that’s the kind of stuff that helps keep families strong.

We are driving….all 32.5 hours….with a sixteen month old. So, send some positive thoughts or prayers our way if you will. I’ll be documenting our epic road trip via Instagram. You can click that little button on the right of your screen to follow me, or simply look me up (bethanyruthalcock).

Thanks for the memories Indiana. Keep it classy.

With love, The Alcocks.

Photo courtesy of Furore Photography.

Photo courtesy of Furore Photography.


What’s cookin’

Though I could talk about my son and my husband until I’m blue in the face, I recognize that having other areas of interest are important.  The older Judah gets, the more independent he becomes, and the more I realize that I want to continue doing things that I enjoy outside of my motherly duties.

I don’t want to be lost when my kids grow up. I want to have hobbies and interests of my own, and I want my son to know that this is a good thing. Thus, the start of a few new posts.

I love coffee. I love fashion. My dream closet would be filled with boots, moccasins, and oversized grandma cardigans. I always carry huge purses. HUGE ones. Like, “fit your life inside there” size purses. I love them, and I also complain about never being able to find anything in them. Sensible, I know. I lose my phone on a daily basis, and most of the time it’s right where I left it. I love Bette Davis movies. Love them. I think she’s beautiful and so spunky, and she reminds me of my grandma Lewis. And speaking of grandmas, though I only knew her a little bit, I’m convinced that if my great-gram was alive today, we’d be pretty great friends. I love trashy MTV reality shows, and I’ve watched EVERY season of Teen Mom. All three sets of girls, each season, every episode. I know, I’m totally cool like that. I also enjoy trashy celebrity gossip magazines. I can tell you who’s dating who in Hollywood with the best of them. And, as much as I try to be a morning person, I’m not. I take a ridiculously long time to wake up, and I have crashed into my bathroom door more times than I care to admit.

I also love Fall. To me, it gets prettier every year. And with it’s beauty comes warm smells, relaxing, slow music, and pumpkin spiced everything. Who doesn’t love to pull on your warm socks, and cozy sweaters while drinking a hot cup of coffee without breaking a sweat? And what about that great, crisp Fall air? Yeah, you know the stuff. The kind that is refreshingly chilled, not that Winter garbage that makes you want to scream obscenities as soon as you get slapped in the face with it’s life sucking gusts of wind. Fall, you have the perfect coolness.


This time of year also gets me excited to cook again. It’s right about the end of September that I make the switch from the old summer menu of grilled meats and fresh fruits, and start trading it in for some hearty, warm, Fall dishes and drinks. Today, I’d like to share a few favorites from my kitchen.

I am a huge soup fan, and bread bowl fan. It’s just so good. This is what Fall eating is about!

Broccoli Cheddar Soup. Creamy Chicken and Rice Soup. Any soup. Panera, eat your heart out.


Sam Adams Octoberfest. If you’ve had it, nothing else needs to be said. If not, go get ya some right now before it’s too late!

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 8.39.15 PM

And pie. With ice cream. I’m not a huge baker, but I like to make a good pie on occasion. Emphasis on occasion. This one, I have no idea what I did to make it, honestly, but it was delish!

photo3I also love making THIS chicken pot pie. And I totally cheat and buy Pillsbury pie crust. I told you, I’m no baker.

For my bread bowl recipe, go HERE. To keep up with other dishes I like to cook, follow me on Pinterest HERE. Or, if you’d like some additional recipes, check out my sister-in-law’s blog HERE. Trust me, you will not be disappointed with the stuff she’s whipping up in her kitchen!

I’d love to get some new recipes to add to our menu, leave a note or two with some of your favorites!