Spring Trips

Okay, I know I’ve been doing primarily photo heavy blogs lately, which isn’t my usual, but we’re still just so in awe of the beautiful area that we live, how can I not share it? Kyle and I have had many discussions about hoping to never take this landscape for granted. I grew up close to hills and pretty outstanding views of nature, but I think there is little that compares to the sites around here in Oregon. I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced the color green quite like I have here. Every shade of green imaginable, and so rich! Also, the water is pristine, I mean pristine. You know those old bottled water commercials they used to run with that water so perfect you were sure it must be some type of photoshopped magic? It’s definitely not photoshopped, and it’s right in my backyard.

Spring here is pretty magnificent. Yes, we have days where it rains, but usually it’s pretty sporadic and only lasts a half hour or so before clearing away to some blue skies and sun rays. And, it seems like for every four rainy days we have, we get four gorgeous clear skied beauties. We’ve been taking advantage of such days as much as we can.

Recently, we went to explore Silver Falls, a natural waterfall paradise about 35 minutes away. The photos below don’t do it justice, but it’ll give you at least a little glimpse. And these were all taken by my husband. Sometimes I just don’t want to bother with pictures, you know? I just want to soak it in. Lucky for me, Kyle snapped some great memories for us.

photo 1-2 copy 2

We were actually able to walk behind two of the waterfalls at the park. This is looking through to the other side of the falls.

photo 1-2 copy

photo 2 copy 2

photo 2 copy

photo 3 copy

photo 4 copy

Family waterfall “selfie.” Judah didn’t get the memo. Also, the Ergo Baby carrier is excellent for our hikes with a toddler. SO comfortable.

photo 5 copy

Next up is a hike we took with some friends. We were meaning to head to a location called Jawbone Flats, but it was a bit further than we anticipated, and with five kids in tow, a four mile hike was good enough. Luckily, the hike itself offered plenty to explore, including a great spot to play in the creek below before heading back home.

photo 1-2

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5 photoThe other day, it was one of those exceptionally warm days, so we snuck away to the beach. It was about 80 there, and just gorgeous. We had been to this beach previously when we visited Oregon before moving last summer. The day we went, a cloud got stuck in the cliffs and just never rose. Despite the overcast and foggy appearance, this beach still took our breath away. Imagine our reaction when we were able to enjoy it on a clear day.

Judah loved it, which makes this mama happy. He has really enjoyed all of our excursions.

photo 1

photo 2 copy 3

photo 2

photo 3 copy 2

photo 3 copy 3

photo 3

photo 4 copy 2

photo 4

photo 5 copy 2

Can’t wait to see what adventures the summer has in store for us! To keep up with all of our family excursions, follow me on Instagram (@bethanyruthalcock). And, if you like my blog and think others will too, give a click to the “Top Mommy” and “Top Baby” blog icons to your right. Thanks!!



One thought on “Spring Trips

  1. It’s so nice that you are able to take advantage of the gorgeous scenery around you! I love Oregon and wish I could visit more than once every year or so. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

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