27 Things.

Well, tomorrow I turn the big 2-7. I thought it would be kind of fun to share 27 things about myself. Some of you may already know these facts, some might surprise you, and probably most of it is really just pointless information. But, either way, I’m writing them down.

1. I grew up being called “Fred.” In fact, I think until I graduated college, my sister called me “Fred” more than than she used my real name. It started when I was three and just stuck.

2. I am a Christian. I have debated discussing this on my blog because though I’m proud of the fact that I follow Christ and that I love him, I’m not always so proud of the things my fellow Christians do. This being a public blog, I didn’t want to turn people off because of that. But ultimately, that’s completely contradictory to my faith.

3.  I am a writer. But no, really, not just for this blog. I write for this company and am able to do so from home, which is amazing. If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, check it out. Seriously.

4. I’m a mother. I’ve had the privilege of carrying three different babies throughout my life. You can read about my unborn kiddos here and here and my little man Judah, here. Nothing gives me more joy than being the mother to this little boy.


5. I love to cook. Cooking comfort food is especially my thing. I love to make stuff like a good beef stew, chicken pot pie, or a big pot of jambalaya. But…

6. I hate to bake. I love to eat sweets, but I do not have the patience for baking.

7. The beach is my favorite spot. I could go to the beach every day of the year. The smell of the saltwater and the feel of the sand, the sounds of the waves crashing to the shore, mmm. I could just soak that up forever.

photo 4

8. I am originally from New York state.  Everyone thinks when I say I’m from New York I mean NYC. Not the case. The town I grew up in was actually so rural, there is not even one traffic light. Its claim to fame is a Subway, a Chinese restaurant, and a college, which practically everyone who lives in the town works in or attends. Just to give you an even better idea for how small it is, I graduated with a class of 35. I went to private school, but the average size of the public schools in the area were around 60-65.

9. I’ve lived on both coasts. Thanks to my upbringing, I’ve officially lived life on the east coast, the midwest where I attended college, and now, on the west coast in Oregon.

10. I’m an over-analyzer. But seriously, about everything. I often will think and re-think, and try to guess what problems or future problems might arise because of my actions, plans I might make, or things that may happen. It’s exhausting, really, but mostly exhausting for my poor husband who has to listen as I verbally process it all.

11. I am a verbal processor, and in other cases a written one. This blog is a prime example. Basically, it’s me processing through something and sharing with the internet. Lucky you!

12. I have two tattoos. One is on my left ribcage that says, “my beloved” in Hebrew. Yes, I know Posh spice has that and I also know it’s a little cliche to have the Hebrew tattoo, but whatever. I love it and it means a lot to me. I got it the first year I was married and it’s a reminder to me of how much my husband loves me, and how much God loves me, and has created me as his “beloved.” Tattoo number two is on my right inner elbow/forearm. It is a section of a Josh Garrels lullaby that he wrote for his child. I used to play it over and over for Judah while I held him and danced trying to keep him calm throughout his colicky stage. The lyrics state, “Love I never knew filled my heart when I held you.” It is the best way to describe becoming a mother. It’s a love never experienced before and that time with Judah was both stretching and one I will hold dear forever. And, despite my family’s distaste for tattoos of all shapes and sizes (yes mom, I see that eye roll) I cannot promise those two will be my last.

13. My favorite drink is a margarita. I enjoy wine and beer, but if I could have a margarita every day, I definitely would. Maybe when I’m old and retired I’ll indulge that.

14. I’d buy fresh flowers every week….if I could. Sometimes I think rich people can really indulge in some silly things, but something I would do if I could throw $10-$15 in the trash every week would be buying fresh flowers, just like these found at our local farmer’s market.


15. My middle name is Ruth. This is also my great grandmother’s name, my grandmother’s middle name, my mom’s middle name, and if someday I am blessed with a little girl, it will be her’s too. I love that it’s been passed down through the family and that I have the privilege of having it.

16. I can fold myself into a pretzel. Yep, totally can. And I checked a few months ago, and I still got it!

17. Reading puts me to sleep. Except when it comes to The Great Gatsby and The Hunger Games Trilogy. Otherwise, don’t even bother.

18. I love Bette Davis movies. I adore that actress. My mom introduced me to her movies when I was just a little girl. I love her sassy characters and overly dramatic plot lines. Not to mention, she is beautiful and looks just like my Grandma Lewis.

19. I was blonde. I had blonde hair as a kid and until I was about 16. I started dying it dark brown my senior year of high school and now it naturally settles at a light brown.

20. I have a love/hate relationship with “selfies.” Let me explain this. I can appreciate taking a picture of yourself, or an “artistic self-portrait” (it’s really a selfie, come on) if you will. But, let’s just get to the bottom of it. I despise when people post a “selfie” and then use some cryptic quote or caption at the bottom. Just be honest with it and say, “Instagram followers: I am ROCKIN’ this outfit today and I thought you should see it!” or “Hey-o, I actually showered, put makeup on, and did my hair and I’m feelin’ pretty good! Let me share that with you, and please tell me I look good back!” We all know certain “selfies” are fishing for complements…aka those ones you post when you’re not wearing makeup and you have to specifically point that out to get tons of likes and “oh, you’re so beautiful, I never would have known!” Or those ones where you’re gazing off into the distance, looking pensive and oh so “hipster.” Also, taking a “selfie” to make fun of a “selfie” is still technically a “selfie.” Just saying. But in all honesty, I never can tell when people aren’t wearing any makeup, cause they are usually just naturally beautiful, I can appreciate your awesome hipster outfit and pensive looks, and an laugh at your sarcastic duck face and appreciate that. So go on with your selfie taking selves, just be honest about it, that’s all.

21. I have been to five countries. Canada, Mexico, The Czech Republic, Australia, and Honduras.

22. I hate birds. To me, they are super creepy and diseasey. And I have this irrational fear that they’re just going to rise up and start pecking people. Isn’t that a movie? Though, I do appreciate their chirping on a nice summer day.

23.  My favorite holiday is Christmas. Come on, who’s isn’t? Well, it’s probably at least in the top three if not number one.

24. I’m horrible at bowling. I think my “high score” was an 80 once?

25. I’m an introvert. I’m terribly awkward and horrible at making eye-contact. I’d rather crawl into a hole by myself than be in front of a large group of people, or be the center of attention. There is no way I would ever say anything I write in my blog out loud. Unless I know you really well, and unless I’ve had a margarita…or two. Good thing there are blogs, otherwise I’d explode.

26. I’m a closet cusser. I know my sister also shares this gene. I’m never bothered when other people say cuss words, unless it’s around my kiddo, then watch it. Otherwise, it’s just language to me. And sometimes, when I’m really upset, or I hit the stupid pole in our apartment parking space for the tenth time that month, or I bite my lip when eating, there is just nothing else to say but a cuss word. Am I right?

27. I’m a terrible parker. As stated, I’ve hit a few things now and again when parking. It’s pretty much a miracle any time I’m actually between the lines.

So, now that you know 27 pointless facts about me, don’t  you just feel like we could be besties?? And, so you’re warned, I will be publishing a blog about 30 things I’d like to do before I’m 30. So be prepared for that in the near future.

Have a fabulous week everyone, we’re off to the beach this weekend to celebrate yours truly and my glorious arrival into this world with friends, and I cannot wait!




2 thoughts on “27 Things.

  1. You know, I think we could be friends. Just to prove it, I think my family and I will join you at the beach this weekend!

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