I Take Prozac.

Let’s just get right to it. I take an anti-depressant. So what? There are millions of others just like me, and I’m SO tired of feeling ashamed about it.

I recently told my husband that I have no problem discussing it if someone else brings it up and is curious whether or not they need some type of medication or whatever. But…I didn’t want to openly share it unless asked directly. Well, I’m obviously chaining my mind. I think it’s a bit silly to be so ashamed and secretive about it. I’m a little tired of people talking about depression like it’s leprosy.  And I’m tired of feeling like I have it.

I was formally diagnosed with mild depression a few months ago, though I’ve known for years that something just wasn’t quite right. I’ve been able to deal with it most of the time on my own, but the older I’ve gotten, the more difficult it has become. I’ve tried the natural remedies, as I’m usually not a huge fan of medication, but you know what, sometimes it’s the only thing that works.

Some people take medication because they have high blood pressure, some people take it for arthritis, others for anemia, etc, etc. Well, I take medication for my brain. It’s the most important organ in the body, and mine needs a little balance sometimes. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I tried to find that balance naturally, smelling things, essential oils, taking vitamins, the list goes on, but sometimes, you can’t heal everything that way. Sometimes, no matter how you change your lifestyle, your blood pressure still rises, am I right?

Also, for all my fellow Christians out there who are reading this and saying, “oh, I’ll pray for your faith. Just seek God and He will work it out.” Bullshit. Sorry. I have a solid relationship with Christ. I pray daily. I love him wholeheartedly. He gave me my brain. He gave me my personality. He gave me mild depression. He also gave me the courage to do something about it. Does your faith have anything to do with your inherited high cholesterol? No. So don’t address me like I’m some defective Christian because I take an anti-depressant.

Deciding to actually see the doctor about what was going on took a lot of pushing from my husband and a lot of resistance from me, because I too had the preconceived notions that I’d be admitting I was “a little crazy” if I started medicine. That was until I started taking it. I feel like me again. I feel joy. I feel excitement. I feel love. Yes, I get mad still. There are times that I still just need a good cry. But I relish the time with my son now. I don’t snap at him for asking me to play. I want to be around my husband, and I feel the way I felt about him when we were first dating. The only thing I have regretted about taking this medication is not doing it sooner.

How’s that for your Monday? 😉 Thanks for listening. Embrace who you are, every flaw, every shortcoming, every beautiful aspect. It makes you who you are, it drives your story, it gives you character. And you’re not crazy.


I’m Back!!

After a semi-intentional hiatus from blogging…I’m baaaaccck!

So basically I took a break because life got hectic, then I decided to make it purposeful. My company recently rebranded, and it’s freaking amazing. You can check it out here. Dealing with that, plus a two-year-old who went through a spurt of the classic, “terrible two’s” made blogging seem a little more tedious than enjoyable for me, so I decided to take another little stretch of time off and just not worry about it. It’s been good–really good. But I’m excited to be back and to provide some updates.

Some exciting things have been happening around the Alcock household. We are about to celebrate our one year anniversary of living in Oregon. I cannot believe it, the time has flown, and we have been loving it! And, as we traditionally do, we’re making no exceptions now–we’re moving…again!

But it’s not what you’re thinking. This time, we’re buying a house. Planting roots and settling in. Phew. I for one am SO excited to not have to pack and unpack after this haul for quite a long time. I will have more updates on the house in a future post. It’s a bit of a fixer-upper, so until we have some “after” photos, I’m not sharing any of the “befores.”

Short recap of life here:

I went on an amazing hike with three incredible women (and one in spirit) and cannot wait for our next adventure together. It was one of those “girl power,” “secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood” type deals that just does your soul some good. And let me tell ya, I am so grateful to have met these ladies and be able to hang with them from time to time. You guys don’t even know. We hiked Henline mountain up in Opal Creek and it was gorgeous. Here’s a view of the summit and yours truly.

photo 1 photo 2


photo 3

We have also done some festive Fall things like apple picking with friends (twice), journeyed to a pumpkin patch/petting zoo, and last night of course was Judah’s first time trick-or-treating. This little monkey had a ball and was just so stinking adorable. And, my mama heart was so proud every time I heard an un-prompted “thank you!” from his little mouth as he received some sugary treats.

photo 4 photo 5photo 1


photo 2

I was Darla from “Finding Nemo” for Halloween.


photo 3 photo 4

I have also undergone a few personal adjustments and some healing that has been oh so wonderful. That will also be saved for another post later on. Life’s been good and a break was refreshing.

Speaking of breaks…because I’ve taken a stretch of time away, I need to ask a favor of you readers. If you could, give  a click to the “top mommy blog” and “top baby blog” icons to your right to show The Ramblings some love.

Happy Fall ladies and gents, it’s good to be back!