Style File: Kyle’s closet

So…every year around this time, or as my husband would say most times of the year, I want to shop. I love clothes and fashion and am always interested and inspired by what other people are wearing. However, shopping isn’t something that’s typically in our budget, other than for Judah. I mean come on, who can resist buying baby/toddler clothes?? Usually, other than relying on Christmas lists and birthday gifts, we shop about twice a year, once for a few pick me ups, and another time more seriously. So, in the mean time, I have to get creative. 

First, I obsessively look at Pinterest. That usually gives me a good fix for shopping without actually being able to buy anything. It also inspires me to be a little more creative and try out some new mixtures with the clothes already in my closet. Then, I move on and actually want some different clothes. But what’s a girl to do when a whole new wardrobe isn’t really possible? Shop on your husband’s side of the closet of course!

I wear Kyle’s clothes quite frequently, but was actually inspired to write this post thanks to my friend, Alex. She’s got such a cute style and always looks awesome in whatever it is she wears. Last weekend, she was over at my house and was wearing her boyfriend’s t-shirt and cardigan. If she hadn’t mentioned it was his, I would have never known. And it just got me thinking, you know, there’s no shame in sharing. And, if your main squeeze has some great style and a love for cardigans, like mine does, why not benefit from it?

The two things I borrow most from Kyle are his t-shirts and cardigans. Lucky for me, I love baggy and flowy tops, so his oversized sweaters and shirts are perfect for my individual taste. Also, they are super comfy. And, did I mention menswear is in?

However, there is one caveat to wearing your counterpart’s duds: Don’t pair their baggy jeans with their baggy shirts or sweaters. Instead, if you’re going to rock his extra comfortable cardigan, pair it with some skinny jeans and boots, same goes for the t-shirts. You do want to highlight some of your feminine features while sporting those baggier tops. Vice versa with the bottoms. If you go for the boyfriend jean look and take it literally, wear a woman’s shirt, something that fits well and flatters your shape. Also, take the time to put on some makeup that day, do your hair, or both if you have time. I’m all for going natural, but wearing oversized clothes comes at a fine line of looking sloppy, so taking an extra five minutes to throw on some mascara or blow-dry your hair, will help you look styled without being overdone, especially when dressing casual, something I do every day. 

Here are a few “bathroom selfies” I snagged while Judah was napping. Excuse the hair–it hasn’t been washed…I opted for eyeliner today instead 😉 

The t-shirt:

photo 1Paired with some bangles and leggings or skinny jeans, this is an ultra-comfy look that’s pretty easy to pull off. Also, I sometimes like to do the “half-tuck” to give my outfit some more shape, like this:

photo 2The cardigan:

photo 4I gotta say, I lucked out when scoring a man who likes a good cardigan. I LOVE baggy sweaters. They are so easy and great for transitional seasons. Just roll or scrunch the sleeves a bit, pair with a feminine tank or blouse, (not like the t-shirt I have on in this photo) and you’re set. 

The Sweater:

photo 3Again, roll or scrunch the sleeves and you’re set!

I do feel that if you’re going to wear men’s clothes, there must be some feminine touches. Bangles, earrings, rings, or a necklace, and I’m a huge fan of a good pair of black skinny jeans. You can dress them up or down. I wear mine at least twice a week. And the shoes are important. I’m not a huge heels girl. I’m 5’7″ so when I wear heels I feel self-consciously tall, plus I’m terrible at walking in them, so these are perfect. They are not flats and they have a great point without being uncomfortable, plus they make me feel a little more feminine when I wear them.

photo 5



What do you do when you need a shopping fix?






What She’s Wearing, Reading, and Listening to:: Bethany

Well, after I asked Jaime to give me her list, I figured I should give mine.

During our packing process, I did a closet cleanse. It was a little frightening for me to realize I was thinking, “oh, I can still wear this” about a number of items, then remember back to when I bought it, realize it was purchased my Sophomore year of college, and reflect on exactly how long ago that was. Yikes! Into the giveaway pile it goes.

Though it’s fun to go through your closet and see things that are attached to memories or phases of life, it also feels really great to get rid of them. It’s also saddening to come to grips with your consumeristic self when you realize you still have a closet full of clothes and yet you also managed to fill four garbage bags of unnecessary items. It’s a pretty good reality check. So, though I love shopping and buying things, I made a personal goal to cut down and be a little smarter on what it is I purchase.

I’ve always been drawn to classic and basic when it comes to clothes. I don’t have much color in my closet, and I’m okay with that. I’m also really drawn to flowy, oversized, and comfortable. And since jumping on the mom train, practical.

For this post, I did not photograph anything that I currently have, I just found some similar products online, thanks to Google and the ever-popular Pinterest. I think you’ll get the drift, and the photos are probably much better than what I would have come up with.

So let’s get to it.

What I’m Wearing

This winter (and every other winter, I might add) my must-haves include:

1. Dark jeans. I wear jeans every day, no matter the occasion. Jeans can be fancy, grungy, and practical. And the great thing about jeans is that you can usually use the same pair for each category! I have two of these pair of jeans in my closet, my current favorite being the black pair. I also have them in dark blue and a similar pair in grey. I love them and wear them with everything. And, bonus…these suckers are $10 at H&M. Yep, $10. You can find them here.hmprod

2. Flannel. And not just because I live close to Portland. Flannel is a great layering piece. It’s easy to throw a flannel on over a t-shirt, or under a sweater, depending on the look you’re going for. I currently have 3 flannel shirts that I rotate and love, each for different reasons. Also, flannels are about the only item of clothing that include color in my wardrobe. I love this gem that I found on Pinterest, but you can get similar products here, here, or here.


3. Oversized Sweaters. There is nothing like a comfy, warm, oversized sweater. Pullovers or cardigans, I don’t care. They can be worn over a pair of leggings for days around the house, or dressed up when paired with a dress, skirt, or my favorite–jeans and boots.  I would love to own this one here, but sadly, and not so sadly, I don’t have a few hundred bucks to drop on a sweater. You can find similar (and much cheaper) ones here, here, and here.


3. Sweatshirts and t-shirts. Not your typical hoodie style sweatshirt or that free t-shirt you got from that one thing in college. Although who doesn’t love a good broken in hoodie, and you know I didn’t part with my most comfortable free college t-shirts. But, those stay indoors for me.  I’m talking about sweatshirts and t-shirts that you won’t feel totally gross in when you run into that really popular, always together girl you went to high school with when you’re out running errands with your screaming child. You can be comfy and still look okay, it is possible. Try throwing on one of these bad boys with a pair of skinny jeans and some flats and tell me if you don’t look put together yet just as comfortable as you would be in your oversized hoodie. Currently, I have two sweatshirts similar to this one in my closet from Forever21, and I have this beauty  on my Christmas list from H&M. You can find it here or similar ones here and here.


I also recommend a comfy t-shirt such as this one, also from H&M. I have it in black and love it. It’s also a great layering piece. Find it here, or find similar ones here and here.


4. Boots. Boots, boots, boots. I LOVE boots. I really loved classic Uggs, and still do, not because they look the greatest, but because they are so stinking warm and comfy. But, I decided to step up my game a little after my closet cleanse and become a little more adult with my shoes. Also, Uggs don’t really work well for the rain around here. So, instead, I’ve added boots like these, which can be found here at DSW, to my wish list.


I’ve also had my eye on these rain boots, get them here:1534916-p-MULTIVIEW

And I wear boots similar to these at least twice a week. I got mine from this cute little shop.

brown riding boots women , brown boots, women boots

What I’m listening to.

Currently, I’m really behind in music. It used to be something that I made a priority, and I’m hoping to get back into that. Right now, I am listening to Lorde (I know, but I really like her) and Lord Huron. I also really love Young the Giant, and William Fitzsimmons.

What I’m reading. 

Reading isn’t something that I do, but again, I’d like to get there. Currently, Kyle and I are finishing up the last book in the Harry Potter Series. We decided to re-read it out loud together, and you can see why by visiting here (and yes, it has taken us a year, we know). After that, I’d like to re-read another all-time favorite of mine, The Great Gatsby.

I’m always interested in what others are wearing, reading, and listening to, so leave a comment if you’d like!

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